So hello, you realize that thing about Beyonce and how she’s at present pregnant with twins?

Obviously you do. It’s likely all you’ve possessed the capacity to consider since you heard the news.

Beyonce: Pregnant With Twins Photo

You’ve been attempting to concoct infant names, attempting to make sense of what sexual orientations those children will attempt, to make sense of if there’s a way you can switch places with one of them.

It’s all absolutely typical, confide in us.

In any case, as hard as it might be to comprehend, there’s one individual on this planet that may not be over the moon about those bey-beys.

Also, that individual is Kim Kardashian.

As indicated by an insider who talked with Radar, “Kim was stunned at the Beyonce news and she was absolutely looking at it and perceiving what number of individuals loved the post.”

“At that point when her companion Chrissy Teigen began tweeting that she was closest companions with Beyonce, she was really harmed and stressed.”

Better believe it, on the off chance that you missed it, Chrissy amusingly tweeted “Well done to my closest companion Beyonce I adore you such a great amount” after she heard the news.

So evidently Kim resembles a 11-year-old young lady who can’t deal with it if her companions have different companions?

Bodes well.

Kim Kardashian Buro every minute of every day Fashion Forward Initiative


Anyway, Kim has been reputed to have this odd little competition with Beyonce as far back as she got with Kanye. We’ve heard such a variety of times about how Kim’s attempted and attempted to be close with Beyonce, since, at one time Kanye and Jay Z were super tight.

It never worked, clearly, and it exited Kim with some ill will. What’s more, that is obviously why she tweeted up a tempest yesterday.

“She supposes she’s a greater star than Beyonce,” the source guaranteed. “She is the greatest star on the planet.”

Goodness, OK.

Kim attempted to recover some consideration by reporting another overhaul to her hit versatile amusement, however that didn’t work.

She then reported that she anticipates beginning a book club with her closest companion (hers, not Beyonce’s) Chrissy Teigen, and that got a few people intrigued, however not almost enough to take Beyonce’s thunder.

What’s more, Kim was disappointed.

“While everybody was tweeting and sending congrats to Beyonce and Jay Z,” the source proceeded with, “Kim and Kanye did not say single word in regards to it on their online networking.”

“The way that Beyonce will have a larger number of children than Kim once her twins are conceived completely drives Kim insane!”

“Kim was absolutely attempting to take Beyonce’s infant thunder yesterday,” this dear source muses.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you thought Kim Kardashian would simply rests and let some other individual get the consideration that is legitimately hers, you better reconsider.

“Kim will invest more energy than any time in recent memory at this moment to get pregnant on the grounds that she is continually looking for an approach to one up Beyonce,” claims the insider.

“She appears to be jealous to the point that Beyonce is more celebrated than she is. It doesn’t appear like Kim will ever approve of that.”

In this way, uh … Kim, nectar?

Beyonce will dependably be more renowned than you. Presently, later on, and for whatever is left ever.

Be the greater lady, OK, doll?



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