We’ve got some big news, friends. Really big, like, bigger than Beyonce being pregnant with twins.

Ha ha, just kidding, no news for the rest of all time could be as big as Beyonce being pregnant with twins.

But this new thing is still pretty good!

Pop princess Ariana Grande, agreeing a tweet made by the Associated Press before today, is pregnant.


“In the event that Ariana Grande is pregnant,” you might ponder as this stunner soaks in at home, “why haven’t I caught wind of it?”

All things considered, don’t stress your little heart, in light of the fact that there are two or three reasons you may have missed the huge declaration.

One is the already said Beyonce pregnancy.

The Queen of England could be pregnant right now and everybody would even now be discussing Beyonce, we should simply be genuine about that.

Also, two, soon after the AP tweeted the Ariana pregnancy declaration, the tweet was erased – and supplanted with an announcement.

In its place, they stated “@APEntertainment has erased from its record a tweet about Ariana Grande. It was unapproved. We are researching.”

Gee …

We didn’t see this coming, most definitely, nor do we recognize what to make of it. Be that as it may, essentially, one of two things is going on here.

One, somebody figured out how to hack the Associated Press’ Twitter account, or a rebel worker chose to have a fabulous time.

That person made this tweet, it’s not valid, the AP withdrawn it, somebody got let go in the event that it was an inside trick, and that is the finish of the story.

Truly, that situation bodes well.

The “who’s the father” part appears somewhat shocking for the AP, and practically every tweet for them contains a connection to a story or video on their site.

This one doesn’t.

Yet, the second plausibility, the more improbable however boundlessly more fun probability is that Ariana truly is pregnant, and somebody let it slip.

It wouldn’t be inconceivable. An overeager worker with the Twitter login information letting the cat out of the bag excessively soon? Wouldn’t be a first.

Additionally, the 23-year-old Ariana has been dating Mac Miller for a while now, and they appear to go solid, so …

To some degree lost in her stunning tirade against skank disgracing back in December was affirmation that she and Mac are really genuine.

At the point when a devotee of Mac’s saw them together and started making rough comments about her, she had some high acclaim for the rapper.

As Grande said of Miller, “I’m a grown-up individual in an association with a man who treats me with adoration and regard.”

It was a piece of a bigger point, however you get what we’re stating, isn’t that so?

In the event that she’s with somebody who treats her with affection and regard, she’s most likely laying down with him. What’s more, if she’s laying down with him …

See, things happen, that is all we’re stating.

So could Ariana truly be pregnant?

Was the first tweet quite recently some joke? Exactly what precisely is going ahead in that uterus of hers?! What does Big Sean need to say in regards to this?!

The truth will surface eventually, we assume.


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