We seek you’re taking a seat after this one, perusers.

Also, we seek you’re turning away after a couple of minutes, Justin Bieber.

Since we have a noteworthy sensation to drop that may exceptionally well detonate the Internet into a billion small pieces.

What’s more, here it is:


We’re not making this up, people.

Well… we’re not making up the way that Life and Style has run a main story that shouts about how (Friends Say Selena Is a) PREGNANT BRIDE!

In visual cues underneath this primary feature, the questionable newspaper says Gomez is having “longings,” thinking of “child names” and considering “subtle elements” about her “wedding” to The Weeknd.

Family and companions evidently as of late learned of this “stunning advancement,” albeit both Bella Hadid and Bieber are attempting to “break” the couple “up.”

Gomez and The Weeknd are really dating. This much is not by any stretch of the imagination up for debate.

The specialists opened up to the world about their sentiment in mid-January when they clasped hands and kissed outside of an eatery in Los Angeles.

From that point forward, Gomez has gone under some fire since she’s entirely great companions with Hadid, who beforehand dated The Weeknd for around two years.

As indicated by a TMZ source, Gomez and her moderately new beau began their sentiment not long after he and Hadid split, with Selena not letting out the slightest peep to Hadid about it until the last observed photographs on the Internet.

In the event that that is valid, it was not Selena’s best move.

Hadid is no longer after Gomez on Instagram and has discharged a modest bunch of hot photographs online as of late, apparently as an approach to insult The Weeknd.

Be that as it may, he and Selena have all the earmarks of being unfazed.

They’ve been spotted hanging out at Dave and Buster’s and even flown off for a sentimental getaway in Italy.

Things are certainly moving quick between the stars, yet does this mean Gomez is expecting an infant and the two are arranging a wedding? We can’t state for certain.

It’s likewise important that Life and Style additionally guaranteed Gomez was thumped up for a little while back by DJ Zedd.

Keep in mind this cover guarantee?

What’s more, Gomez was once likewise supposed to be pregnant by Bieber.

We don’t know why magazines appear to be so fixated by the condition of Selena’s womb, yet here we are.

Selena took two or three months off toward the finish of 2016, venturing back altogether from the spotlight keeping in mind the end goal to recover her head screwed on straight after a battle with Bieber.

Reports demonstrated that she even registered with recovery for a timeframe.

So we’d jump at the chance to think she didn’t proceed and unintentionally get herself pregnant with only one parent present, so not long after in the wake of trying to turn her life around.

Be that as it may, hello, if Gomez truly is pregnant, at any rate The Weeknd is making the best decision and focusing on the mother of his approaching youngster.

The main question remaining now is this:

What do we call Gomez and The Weeknd? What ought to be their superstar couple epithet?

It’s gotta simply be The Gomez, correct?


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