Melania Trump: NEVER Moving Into the White House?!

To state that Donald Trump is a strange president would resemble saying Josef Stalin conceived of brand new ideas when it came to settling clashes with his adversaries.

At this point, obviously, Trump’s approach choices likely make them stock your storm cellar with jars of Dinty Moore hamburger stew, yet his organization is additionally bonkers in ways that have nothing to do with gross infringement of the Constitution.

As you may know, the Donald’s family circumstance is not as much as conventional, what with his three spouses, one of whom right now lives in an alternate freakin’ state, and evidently has no aim of drawing nearer to her significant other at any point in the near future.


We were initially informed that Vanity Fair Mexico model Melania Trump would stay at Trump Tiower (costing citizens a huge number of dollars simultaneously) until the finish of the 2017 school year, for the advantage of her 10-year-old child, Barron.

Presently, sources are revealing to Us Weekly that Melania may never move out of Manhattan.

“They will reconsider toward the finish of the school year on the off chance that they will keep this plan or if Melania and Barron will move to Washington,” says the source.

“They could go whichever way at this moment. They will at last do what’s best for Barron.”


Interpretation: We’ll see Melania and Barron move to D.C. around a similar time we see Donald’s expense forms.

You might ask yourself, What’s the major ordeal? Since when do we think about president’s close to home lives?

To which we answer, Really, theoretical peruser?

We’ve thought about president’s close to home lives since around the time some intrusive correspondent spotted Washington pulling a woodworker insect from between his pine canines.

For this situation, we doubly mind, on the grounds that the assessed cost of giving Melania and Barron Secret Service security in the heart of Midtown Manhattan is evaluated to be about $1 million a day!


To place that in context, the yearly spending plan of the NEA (which Trump has proposed annulling for cost-cutting reasons for existing) is about $146 million.

So definitely, not as much as half of what we’re all going to spend to keep Melania in her plated landmark to avarice for the following 12 months.

Somebody should tell the Trumps that D.C. has both okay schools AND various top of the line boutiques.

It’s a bigly disgrace that up to this point in his administration Trump has been such a slave to Bannon and Barron.

At the point when does Donnie get time … for Donnie?

*solitary tear cuts a way through the Snooki-mark splash tan on his cheek*


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