See, we’re positively not happy that Kim Kardashian was burglarized at gunpoint back in October – it sounds like a genuinely unnerving difficulty, and one that we’d never wish on anybody.

In any case, in the consequence of that episode, Kim has truly changed. What’s more, we are truly getting a charge out of the lady she is nowadays.

We’ve heard report after report asserting that her needs have changed drastically, that she’s not as worried with riches and grown-up toys after what happened.

She’s more centered around her family than any time in recent memory, she’s not streaming off at each business opportunity.

Kim has truly relaxed a ton, and it’s been decent to see.

Something else that is pleasant to see?

How she totally and completely tore Donald Trump and his oppressive, inconceivably horrendous Muslim Ban with one single tweet:

As should be obvious, Kim shared a helpful little graph separating a few unique reasons for death in Americans in the course of recent years.

As indicated by this graph, there have just been two individuals executed by Islamic jihadist workers – the general population Trump is probably attempting to keep out of the nation.

In the mean time, no less than 11,737 people were shot by another American.

In the subtitle of her graph, Kim just expressed “Measurements.” Beautiful.

Kim likewise shared a raising money page for Syrian displaced people that was made by Kal Penn after some arbitrary Twitter troll disclosed to him that he doesn’t “have a place in this nation you f-cking joke.”

Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch at Macy’s Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA

Would the old Kim have been so blunt on such a disputable issue? It’s difficult to state.

Be that as it may, in any case, approach to go, sister.

With respect to whatever remains of the Kardashians and their position on our leader’s most recent outrage, Khloe tweeted “The greater part of this in the news today makes me extremely upset.”

At that point the previous evening, after a government judge hindered Trump’s request, she retweeted a “Victory!!!!!!” tweet from the ACLU.

Kourtney retweeted a couple messages in support of evacuees also, yet whatever is left of the family has been noiseless.

Indeed, Kylie has been sharing constant two-piece selfies, so she might help in the main way she knows how.

Still, we’re so pleased with Kim for remaining against Trump, even while her better half calls him a companion and has proceeded to openly bolster him.

Keep up the significance, young lady!


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