Donald Trump isn’t exactly presidential.

In fact, the list of things that make him a poor choice for president is far longer than the list of things that that make him a good choice, which is a list that consists of approximately zero items.

Donald Trump at a Podium
He has no political experience, he has a terrible temper, he’s immature and ignorant, he’s shady as shady can get, etc., etc., etc.

And now we can add one more little fact to his unbelievably long list of wrongdoings:

He really freaked Kristen Stewart out!

This happened back in 2012, when Trump was just that super rich guy from The Apprentice, when anyone and everyone would have laughed and laughed if you told them that, in just a few years, he’d be president.

(OK, anyone would still laugh and laugh, it would just be accompanied with uncontrollable sobbing now.)

Also in 2012, Kristen was dating Twilight star Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately, that was the same year she cheated on poor R-Patz with director Rupert Sanders.

It was a bad time for everybody: Sanders was married with children, Kristen had her long-term fan-friendly relationship, we had hopes and dreams and so much naivety.

But really, no one was more hurt than Donald Trump.

In the time following the news of the affair, things were sort of touch-and-go between Rob and Kristen. And that deeply troubled Trump.

“Robert Pattinson ought not reclaim Kristen Stewart,” he tweeted. “She undermined him like a puppy and will do it once more – simply watch. He can improve!”

Divertingly, he demanded that “She will cheat again – 100 certain – am I ever off-base?”

He likewise composed “Everybody knows I am correct that Robert Pattinson ought to dump Kristen Stewart. In a few years, he will say thanks to me. Be shrewd, Robert.”

It’s vague if Robert has expressed gratitude toward Donald yet, however you know what is clear?

These irregular tweets have pestered Kristen for a long, long time.

In another meeting with Variety, Kristen reviews that “He was distraught at me a few years back, truly fixated on me two or three years prior, which is f-cking insane.”

“I can’t comprehend it,” she said. “I actually can’t comprehend it.”

“It’s such a far-out idea, to the point that I would prefer not to trust that really is going on. It’s crazy.”

As she calls attention to, “By then, he was simply, similar to, a reality star. I had no reference. It wasn’t care for truly a thing.”

“In any case, all things considered, some person helped me to remember that and I resembled ‘Gracious my gosh, you’re correct!'”

Kristen additionally anticipated that “He’s presumably, such as, going to tweet about this.”

Not exclusively did she discuss Trump’s irregular fixation on her own connections, she likewise stood up about the crazy actuality that he’s currently president.

“I’ve never been the most politically charged individual,” she conceded, “however I think now, it’s not political. “It’s f-cking so helpful.”

For the women who may admire her, she exhorted “I would simply say be a part of what you put stock in, whichever way that is.”

“I’m not going to advise anybody how to feel, but rather I’m almost certain that we as a whole vibe a similar way.”

You can state that once more, young lady.


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