This is an extreme one, folks.

This story comes to us similarly as the world is discovering that President Donald Trump (We’ll get used to composing “2017” on our checks much sooner than we get used to composing that.) is wanting to research non-existent voter extortion, push ahead with the questionable Dakota Access Pipeline, and manufacture that ludicrously costly landmark to American prejudice he calls “the Wall.”

In the meantime, bashing a foreigner who talks five dialects since she’s not capable in the one you talk is unfathomably insensible, and Chelsea Handler is, and ever might be, one of the greatest ass-caps drawing breath.

However, we’re losing track of the main issue at hand.

Permit us to go down and give you the full wretched on reason #345,789 that Chelsea Handler is a biased, advantaged, unfunny urinary tract disease of an individual.

This one, tragically, makes them guard an individual from Donald Trump’s close family, and for that, we will never excuse her.

At the point when asked in a late meeting with Variety in the event that she would consider having Melania Trump on her Netflix demonstrate that nobody watches, Handler answered, “She scarcely communicates in English.”

That is correct. She went there.

What’s more, it’s a long way from the first occasion when that Handler has based her remarks segment troll-level satire on the way that Melania is a migrant.

“Trump said Melania will give a few more talks. Ideally a mediator will be available,” Handler tweeted in October.

“Ideally somebody is disclosing this to Melania at this moment,” she composed amid one of the Clinton-Trump discusses.

Ideally, Handler felt like the preeminent ass that she is after somebody educated her that Melania talks no less than five dialects, including French, Italian, German, Slovene, and yes, familiar English.

You may think, so THG, does this mean you’re supportive of that SNL author getting suspended for tweeting about Barron Trump turning into a “self-teach shooter”?

What’s more, the appropriate response is, no, we are not, and that move is additional confirmation that Lorne Michaels will never have the sack to be the political torch he considers himself to be.

While it’s actual that government officials’ underage children ought to be beyond reach, that frequently hasn’t been the situation at SNL (see: 350-pound Chris Farley depicting Rudy Giuliani’s young child), and any individual who thinks Katie Rich’s joke was to the detriment of Barron basically didn’t get the damn joke.

People, we should not permit the Tiny-Fisted Fuhrer to make a domain in which you can’t value the subtleties of a given issue and choose your position for yourself.

He will assault your right to speak freely in the years to come, however once you lose the capacity to have a problem solving attitude, then you’ve lost for good.


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