Taylor Swift both opened and shut the 2016 Grammys on Monday night—with a blockbuster execution of “Out of the Woods” and after that a history-production Album of the Year win for 1989. Quick is currently the main female craftsman to claim the top Grammys reward twice. Quick’s first win in the class, in 2010 for her collection Fearless, made her the most youthful craftsman to win Album of the Year.

While tolerating her honor, Swift imparted a critical message to the gathering of people—reminding them to not give other individuals a chance to assume praise for their prosperity, or their popularity. Some on Twitter deciphered the pointed comment as a not really unpretentious burrow at Kanye West, who appeared a track a week ago called “Acclaim,” in which he assumes praise for Swift’s prosperity.

Quick has already said that she was spurred to compose 1989 in the wake of losing the Album of the Year class in 2014—when she was designated for her collection Red—to Daft Punk. “When they reported the collection of-the-year champ, it resembled, ‘And the collection of the year goes to Raaaaaaaaandom Access Memories, Daft Punk,'” Swift said. “They truly dragged out “Raaaaa,” and I resembled, for a moment there, I kinda thought we had it. Furthermore, we didn’t.”

“I recollect not going to after-gatherings,” Swift recalled of Grammy night. “I went home and I cried a smidgen, and I got In-N-Out Burger and ate a considerable measure . . . You have a couple of choices when you don’t win a honor: You can choose like, ‘Gracious, they’re wrong.’ Second, you can resemble, ‘will go up on the stage and take the mic from whoever won it.’ Or third, you can state, ‘Possibly they’re correct. Possibly I didn’t make the record of my vocation. Possibly I have to settle the issue, which is that I have not made sonically durable collections.'”

Quick picked the last, and went to bed considering her next collection.

Hours after the fact, she stated, “I woke up at 4 in the morning, and I’m similar to, [the new collection is] called 1989, I’ve been making 80s synthpop, I’m quite recently going to continue doing that. I’m calling it a pop record. I am not listening to anybody at my record name. I’m beginning tomorrow.”

The collection was unfathomably fruitful—offering 1.287 million duplicates in seven days, gloating numerous main singles, and offering more than 5 million duplicates to date. In winning, Swift beat out her “Ill will” colleague Kendrick Lamar and his collection To Pimp a Butterfly.


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