Romney showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night to talk about — what else? — Donald Trump.

Telling Kimmel that he felt he needed to revolt against Trump for his family, Romney referenced his discourse a week ago when the 2012 GOP candidate told voters that “On the off chance that we Republicans pick Donald Trump as our chosen one, the prospects for a sheltered and prosperous future are significantly lessened.”

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Kimmel then had the previous Massachusetts senator read so anyone might hear tweets about himself as a little form of his “Mean Tweets” section, including tweets that Trump himself posted afterRomney called him a “swindler” and a “fake” in his discourse.

In the “Mean Tweets” fragment (that Kimmel said was really Romney’s thought), he read so anyone might hear what Trump and his supporters considered him after his hostile to Trump discourse.

“Glove Romney had his shot and blew it. Lindsey Graham kept running for president, got ZERO, and quit! Why are they now representatives against me? Dismal!” was Trump’s tweet that Romney began off with.

“@mittromney = failure,” said one tweet, basically.

“That is valid, really. I lost,” clowned Romney.

One tweet said he met Romney years prior and he was “chipping away at a time machine to backpedal and punch him in the throat.”

Romney advised Kimmel that Trump neglecting to deny David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan was “the bit of inconvenience that is finally too much to bear” when it came to taking a stand in opposition to the presidential hopeful. Romney added that he has offered to help each of the three of the rest of the competitors (Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich) to battle Trump. He included that he has no top decision, yet will back any individual who can beat Trump in the GOP race.

Kimmel pushed Romney about what he would do if Trump got the selection (in the event that he would vote in favor of Hillary Clinton), yet Romney said he would “write in somebody with traditionalist qualities” on the off chance that it ended up like tha


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