Regardless of the possibility that you’ve been living under a stone, you know at this point Leonardo DiCaprio at long last won an Oscar. He got an overwhelming applause from the whole Dolby Theater, he got a long discourse with no play-off music, and afterward he got high, on the grounds that c’mon you folks, the main thing this person cherishes as much as his new Oscar is vaping.

Oscars 2016: All the Internet Magic That Happened After Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Won

To remember this event (the win, not the vaping), somebody painted a wall painting in L.A. Truly.

The huge road workmanship includes a quiet and glad DiCaprio holding his Oscar with brilliant red content saying “NEVER GIVE UP.” It’s one “never” shy of the celebrated Winston Churchill cite (“Never, never, never surrender”), and a couple “don’t”s far from the well known Jim Valvano cite (“Don’t surrender. Absolutely never surrender”), however y’know, I think we get the message. Two “never”s is likely more suitable for DiCaprio’s circumstance at any rate, given that he’s a capable, rich, white man who needed an acting honor while Churchill was conversing with new graduates entering a post-war world and Valvano was looking at battling tumor. In any case, why should we judge? Great job, Leo! We cherish you to such an extent.


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