Chris Harrison, why’d you need to go and make things so confounded?

Amid Monday night’s “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” extraordinary, the dating show’s host had a one-on-one sit-down with previous challenger Jubilee Sharpe. Amid their visit, Sharpe told Harrison, “Ben was everything that I thought he was. You know, he didn’t see me and my muddled past as an immense impediment.”

Harrison heard “muddled” and kept running with it, utilizing it to allude to Sharpe two more circumstances amid their discussion. (Yes, Sharpe utilized the word to start with, however she was alluding to her past, not herself.)

“I know you can’t control how convoluted you are,” he said to Sharpe, later including, “You may be confounded, and I know you mix the pot now and then, yet I trust you understand you’re a truly exceptional lady, and I truly welcome you coming here and opening up the way you did.”

At the point when entertainer Amy Schumer saw the show, she got out the host on Twitter for his utilization of the word and to stick up for Sharpe.

“There is nothing amiss with “confounded” ladies Chris Harrison,” the “Trainwreck” star composed. “You treated it like something she ought to battle. A ladies shouldn’t attempt to be less convoluted in order to ideally pull in a man.”

“Gone ahead brother,” she included. “She is savvy and solid and a sergeant in the military. She lost her whole family and you say she should battle off being entangled.”


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